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Every time you start seeing articles about a declining fedi population, Twitter pulls some shit and there’s another spike (followed by slow decline).

In the end, with every spike, the network effect of this place gets more and more solid. Honestly most of the folks I’d want to talk to are already here and I also found NEW community so I’m happy to have fully migrated.

Just looking forward to the critical mass when it becomes more widely appealing to artists so I can follow them all over here.

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Happy #BlackHistoryMonth !

Leland Melvin is the only person to have both been drafted in the NFL and been an astronaut. But, frankly, he deserves perpetual fame for his official NASA photograph.


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"The tech sector seems to be betting that these massive, algorithmically orchestrated firings will not only cut labor costs, but also once again remind increasingly empowered tech workers of their insecurity, and the power the companies still hold."


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Has anybody here every tried to connect a commercial zigbee product with a custom gateway (probably a raspberry pi) to read the data from there? I would like to ask a lot of questions. please :boost_ok:

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We're glad to share the Servo project roadmap for 2023: servo.org/blog/2023/02/03/serv
Let's work together to achieve these goals.

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"Of JavaScript Ahead-Of-Time Compilation Performance" by Manuel Serrano youtu.be/iY1EXHQ6IeQ

Super interesting, and may be applicable for specific scenarios like cloud functions, CLIs, mobile apps where the JS is known at build time, etc.

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#WatchMate v0.4.0 is out - a companion app for #InfiniTime powered #PineTime smart watch.

The new release brings:
- External resources OTA update support
- Basic notifications forwarding
- Step count reading
- Various minor fixes and improvements: reflect unexpected disconnections in the UI, continuous battery level updates, automatic device discovery instead of scan toggle button, and more.

The project is also moved to Github now: github.com/azymohliad/watchmat



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Still sad to have missed #FOSDEM, but all the pictures of packed auditoriums with 5-10% masking were 😰😞

Like, even before COVID we all got con flu so many times. Why wouldn't we deploy technological countermeasures. I don't get it.

I guess people still write security-sensitive software in C, so it makes sense.

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«[…] However, the question that's essential to consider is, "What's in it for the nonhumans?" Taking another living being into your home and hopefully into your heart is a huge decision, and it's not the right move for a good number of people because they will not be able to give their new companion what they really need. Choosing to live with a companion animal is a two-way street and all participants have to benefit—it's got to be good for you and your new friend.»
MY GOD so much this!! :ameowbongo:

“Beat the hyperinflation, buy Bitcoin at satoshitango dot com!”

…reality seems hella intent on putting The Onion out of business y'all… :blobcatdisapproval:

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Thanks for a great day at #Fosdem everyone!

So many wonderful people asking me about #Hachyderm and how we plan on approaching democracy with #Nivenly.

Thanks again to the organizers and @LastChain for helping us get the videos online quickly.

Here is a recording on my session (including the DDoS) of earlier today.

Enjoy! Thanks for supporting #Hachyderm.

Slides and donation details below.


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#getfedihired Hi! I was laid off and am looking for anything remotely close to senior/lead devrel. Looking to start 3/15. Email: the@nodebotani.st

Ramón ( @hola_soy_milk ) demos his custom DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) dance mat made with a Raspberry Pi and conductive paint, on stage at JSConf Chile 2023 :ablobcatbongokeyboard:

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TFW @hola_soy_milk rocks the stage with a hand-made DDR dance mat made out of conductive paint, a pizza box and a Raspberry Pi :ameowbongo:

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OH: “Everything could be infinitely overcomplicated, if you really set your mind to it…”

Who said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Currently learning some new webperf tricks from @tpiros@twitter.com at .

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