TIL: not all metal heatsinks are machined, some are made using a technique called "skiving", shaving off little lamellae from the aluminum/copper block and bending them upright to form a large surface area without negatively affecting the internal structure of the metal :blobfoxeyes:


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Even just half a day of doggie-daycare will leave her *absolutely knackered* for the rest of the day, it's quite amusing /cc @bodil

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We're hiring someone to lead mozilla.social :mozlove:

Making this space safe and welcoming for all people is of utmost importance to us, and it starts with a product leader who is dedicated to driving positive change.

We're looking for people who are passionate about transforming online participation and enabling an engaging social experience that prioritizes health, safety and inclusivity. Please share with your networks and anyone who comes to mind!

#hiring #jobs

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Doing some research and came across this image. For those not aware, curb cuts were first installed en masse after the large number of injured veterans came back from WWII. #accessibility

Image credit: sketchplanations.com/the-curb-

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Exposed the current snapshot of the audio frequency spectrum to the scripting interface and created a small sample as a showcase (sound on!).

The 50 available frequency bins are randomly assigned to 25^2 cubes, and the y-positions are modulated according to the respective amplitudes. Frequencies and amplitudes are log-spaced.

#iolite #gamedev #voxel

I was reading a lot of books to prepare for @lumi's arrival, and I already noted how often the ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest) has come up in citations for the state-of-the-art of understanding canine behavior.

In this latest research, not only have they successfully used fMRI scans to investigate & map the canine brain, but their results even have implications for understanding human brain evolution (through the evolution of the mammalian brain)!

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zelda is realistic because they give you the option to sleep until noon

Yay, you can break fingerprint authentication on most commercial Android phones with minimal resources/hardware within an hour or a couple hours in the worst case :blobcatgooglytrash:


(the biggest WTF here is "wait the bus between the CPU and the fingerprint chip is unencrypted and easily accessible when taking the off the backplate??")

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Airlines when checking in: get fucked bags are illegal in the béllÿ of the plane unless you pay us $69

Airlines at the gate: pretty please check your bag???? Our plane is very sick and the only cure is bags in its béllÿ. Only you can cure our sweet plane boi of this disease donate your bag today!!!!!

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🦊 Artist: #NinaPelirroja in City: #Rotterdam Doelstraat, Netherlands 🇳🇱 - Title: "Stadsnatuur" - (City Nature
Stadtnatur) - (📷 by Rob Monologo) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Nature #Fox

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Some wizard mouse studies. These were really fun to paint. Planning to do more like this after I finish some big projects! #artists #art

I'm slowly but surely drifting from “I am trying not to minimize the challenge and effort going into raising a human baby by comparing it to raising a puppy” to “people with human babies have it easy, actually” :blobcatgooglycry:

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That is one of the wildest stories I've read recently about programming languages.

A C lexer in 200b is something that didn't even cross my mind.


CW self-harm 

Ever since I've gotten @lumi I keep telling people that "whenever she is not busy destroying property, she is actively trying to kill herself…", but to be frank at least she is doing it on her own volition, ingesting glass, fertilizer, and god-knows-what-else, and not, ugh, “compelled by a recent social media trend” :blobcatdisapproval:

On yesterday's walk I've noticed a column of smoke, apparently from a waste-treatment plant that caught on fire: news.err.ee/1608986420/waste-t

> »Hazardous materials are burning, there have been quite a few explosions at the scene and the fire is spreading fast…«

I got a Blue indoor air purifier (mostly as a COVID-precaution) a couple months ago, and did not expect to have to use it against dangerous fumes of fire this fast :blob_sweats:

(I'm exaggerating of course, we are safe, and the apartment ventillation has its own filters as well)

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I gave a speech at Florida's New College Alternate Graduation. It's only 3 minutes long. I meant every word of it.

After 8 days and well over 2.500km travelled we have finally made it back home to Tallinn together with @lumi ! :BlueMerle: 🇪🇪

With that, the first is now officially over — but given how well she handled it (being just 4 months old and all!), I'm sure this won't have been the last… :brows:

And now please excuse me as I collapse and sleep for 40 hours straight :blobPikaSleepy:

CW selfie, eye contact

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