Most of the tech discourse from recent years (or maybe ever?) has always focused on what's possible, what can be done, what is this new shiny thing capable of doing — and never on "what's helpful to actual people" (discounting the usual focus on western, affluent demographics, and all-too-often, the dudes).

I'm so glad and thankful for people out there, trying to change that:

I am not a huge fan of machine learning/AI as it exists today, particularly because of all of that above (and how it is set to reinforce this exact flawed, paternalistic status quo), so reading something like this from @sylwia is like a breath of fresh air.

AI/ML/LLM exists, and is not going away anytime soon, so exploring and steering it in directions that help actual people and contribute to increased equality should be top-of-mind when we choose to engage with it!

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