“As a a devrel at @stackblitz I frequently have to liaison between engineers and e.g. product managers who have no idea what WebAssembly is. Not having an accessible description to what this technology entails is making that a lot harder than it should be…” — @sylwia at the Wasm I/O 2023 panel discussion on making more accessible (somewhat paraphrased)

📸 @hola_soy_milk @k33g_org Oscar Spencer & @sylwia at

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“When it comes to WebAssembly-educators, we all, myself included, have a responsibility. I need to write and talk more — as I keep wanting to do so. We all know it's still early days for Wasm, but the time is now for us (especially with the Component Model around the corner) to start ramping up our efforts on contributing to making Wasm more approachable” — Oscar Spencer, speaking at the panel discussion at Wasm I/O 2023 (paraphrasing)

📸 @hola_soy_milk @k33g_org Oscar & @sylwia at

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