Wasm I/O Dan-ception: @ricochetcode on-stage, co-presenting with @danologue who is present via a pre-recorded video, himself referring back to @sunfish's earlier talk (without knowledge of the actual contents as it happened). :blobcateyesspin:

Hat tip for pulling off this "hybrid presence" moment, masterfully executed :foxClap:

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I am so glad it worked!!! @sunfish chatted with us about his talk ahead of time so we weren't flying completely blind. That way we knew we didn't need to dive into the specifics of WASI, WIT, and the component model and could spend our time showing off wasi-cloud 🚀

@ricochetcode and what a showing it was, I heard brains popping all around at the sight of the node-based editor GUI (myself included) :foxwah:

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