Hi, hello, hey. Umm so… @lumi presents the cutest play bow in the universe.

That's it, that's the toot :BlobCat_uwu:

Last week at the conference our friends over at the VMWare Wasm Labs (🌐 wasmlabs.dev) presented about bringing interpreted languages to — such as , , , and more, soon even comparably obscure languages like !).

Okay that was quite enough hashtags for now, but if your first thought was “…but why?!”, that's an easy answer: you want to meet your users where they are! What's better, telling your future users off with "sorry you will need to learn Rust/JavaScript/whatever first", or telling them "You know Python? Great, we support Python!"?

On the other hand, if your first thought was “okay... but how??” boy have I got a blogpost for you! Here we talk about how we use the Wasm Labs team's work in our extension engine at Suborbital:

Okay this is pretty unhinged, a custom PCI-Express x4 card that uses FPGA-s to trick a NAND flash memory controller into thinking the 256 DDR3 memory chips it is wired up to are actual NAND flash, and what you get as a result is a 1TB volatile "hard drive" that can saturate PCI-Express link speed. :blobcatscience:


Got to hang out with many wonderful friends, both old & new (and some for the very first time in-person!) at this weekend :BlobCat_Love:

CW selfie, eye contact

w/ @hola_soy_milk @alvin @sylwia @baela & Roberto Vidal

(PS: WASM I/O was a truly splendid event and they have already announced next year's event, highly recommended :kittyWant: wasmio.tech )

Celebrating @hola_soy_milk's birthday most fittingly with a box of donu… er, I mean empanadas of course :cuteFroggie: 🥟

“Every big-boy language today needs pattern matching, so naturally grain-lang.org has pattern matching!”

Wasm I/O Dan-ception: @ricochetcode on-stage, co-presenting with @danologue who is present via a pre-recorded video, himself referring back to @sunfish's earlier talk (without knowledge of the actual contents as it happened). :blobcateyesspin:

Hat tip for pulling off this "hybrid presence" moment, masterfully executed :foxClap:

“When it comes to WebAssembly-educators, we all, myself included, have a responsibility. I need to write and talk more — as I keep wanting to do so. We all know it's still early days for Wasm, but the time is now for us (especially with the Component Model around the corner) to start ramping up our efforts on contributing to making Wasm more approachable” — Oscar Spencer, speaking at the panel discussion at Wasm I/O 2023 (paraphrasing)

📸 @hola_soy_milk @k33g_org Oscar & @sylwia at

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“As a a devrel at @stackblitz I frequently have to liaison between engineers and e.g. product managers who have no idea what WebAssembly is. Not having an accessible description to what this technology entails is making that a lot harder than it should be…” — @sylwia at the Wasm I/O 2023 panel discussion on making more accessible (somewhat paraphrased)

📸 @hola_soy_milk @k33g_org Oscar Spencer & @sylwia at

I often like to say “Let computers do what computers do best”, and using IDLs (interface-definition languages) to describe the *intent* of the interface, then using binding generators to do the hard work of implementing that intent for us in a machine-understandable manner is such a beautiful example of that :BlobhajTinyHeart:

📸 @sunfish at

covid, scientific visualization 

This is pretty darn incredible. Viral particles, like that of SARS-CoV-2 lie somewhere in the liminal space between cells and molecules that no conventional techniques can peer into. Hence, they took the viral RNA, decoded it and used a supercomputer to visualize the virus as-it-should-exist, and exhibited the end result at 8.000.000x magnification carved into glass in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. :foxwah:

Speaking of which, notice how the roof tiles on the tower get all ruffled up momentarily when adjusting the height of the hill underneath? I am squealing! :ameowbongo:

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This is so sweet! :cuteFroggie: citycreator.com

It's like a great-great-grandfather for @anaopara & @h3r2tic's Tiny Glade 💚

Bonus tip: the site is a bit tiny on modern screens but you can zoom in in the browser to 200% the add:
* { image-rendering: pixelated; }
to the CSS in the devtools to make the scaling crisp and not blurry (guess we got some cool web features in the past two decades huh? :blobcatuwu: )

In personal news today: @lumi, this adorable fluffy troublemaker will be soon joining me in Tallinn! 🐾

She is a blue merle rough collie from a hungarian breeder so it will be a bit more involved (and potentially quite a bit adventurous!) getting her all the way to Estonia this young, and is a project for the next two months, so if you are interested in how that pans out (or just care for the puppy pics, no judging) check out her account :blob_raccoon_peek:

Say hi to this sweet and fluffy Persian Leopard (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panthera) cub that was born recently in eastern Hungary, in the Zoo of Miskolc. They were born in January but until now only their caretakers could see them. They are growing nicely, just got their first vaccinations and people visiting the zoo next week will get to vote for their name!

More deets (in hungarian) at the zoo's website:

Jo on the Bad Website Club launch stream is absolutely destroying me with the truth bombs she's dropping :blobcatpopcornsweats:


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