eye contact, overwhelming plushie cuteness 

Current status: light-bendy boy is light-bending quite alright! :blobcatbigfan:

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4-5 seconds into trailer: is this… like a Sonic Breath of the Wild? 🤔

45 minutes into the gane: yepp, definitely Sonic Breath of the Wild

(and not just "because it has grass" 🙃)

Forgive me, for I'm way too tired to photoshop this into a "Friendship ended" meme but hey, I've updated flak.is with important changes:


I posted my farewell comic on the hellsite, but I spent wayyyy too much time in Photopea to let this only show up on the blazing garbage dump over there :D

eye contact, beautiful autumn bokeh 

Massive thanks to @endocrimes who captured this beatiful(ly skeptical) new profile pic a couple weeks ago at the peak of Berlin's golden fall 🍂


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