Huge shoutouts to @ricochetcode* for starting the recurring Community Stream, so many useful tidbits in an incredibly accessible short recap. 👏

In the last edition learn about improvements to WAMR (WebAssembly Micro Runtime), the new baseline compiler for Wasmtime, Winch, updates on the specification and more! :owoCatBlush:

(*also to Luke Wagner who told me about the blessed work Bailey has been doing on this!)

Last week at the conference our friends over at the VMWare Wasm Labs (🌐 presented about bringing interpreted languages to — such as , , , and more, soon even comparably obscure languages like !).

Okay that was quite enough hashtags for now, but if your first thought was “…but why?!”, that's an easy answer: you want to meet your users where they are! What's better, telling your future users off with "sorry you will need to learn Rust/JavaScript/whatever first", or telling them "You know Python? Great, we support Python!"?

On the other hand, if your first thought was “okay... but how??” boy have I got a blogpost for you! Here we talk about how we use the Wasm Labs team's work in our extension engine at Suborbital:

“Every big-boy language today needs pattern matching, so naturally has pattern matching!”

Wasm I/O Dan-ception: @ricochetcode on-stage, co-presenting with @danologue who is present via a pre-recorded video, himself referring back to @sunfish's earlier talk (without knowledge of the actual contents as it happened). :blobcateyesspin:

Hat tip for pulling off this "hybrid presence" moment, masterfully executed :foxClap:

“As a a devrel at @stackblitz I frequently have to liaison between engineers and e.g. product managers who have no idea what WebAssembly is. Not having an accessible description to what this technology entails is making that a lot harder than it should be…” — @sylwia at the Wasm I/O 2023 panel discussion on making more accessible (somewhat paraphrased)

📸 @hola_soy_milk @k33g_org Oscar Spencer & @sylwia at

I often like to say “Let computers do what computers do best”, and using IDLs (interface-definition languages) to describe the *intent* of the interface, then using binding generators to do the hard work of implementing that intent for us in a machine-understandable manner is such a beautiful example of that :BlobhajTinyHeart:

📸 @sunfish at

Relatedly, we have just published a blogpost about bringing into on our wasm-based plugin engine, Suborbital, so if you care for nifty hacks and sandboxing the snek, check it out! 🐍

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It has been a day-long trek but I have finally arrived to Barcelona for tomorrow's to talk (and watch ppl talk) shop about :blobcatnerd:

So today I dug through a bunch of Go code, to then write some C bindings for a tool that runs (C)Python inside Wasm, topped it all off by writing a small Python example program as demonstration.
Neither of these languages I "know" how to program in. :blobcateyesspin:

is fun :blobfoxangrylaugh:

Spidermonkey JS as a Components-capable Wasm binary for sharing the JS engine between multiple interoperating wasm modules:

Everything and more you never imagined you'd wanted to know about the arcane practice of squeezing an entire engine into by the veritable @surma & co!

(and I promise I'm not just piling hashtags and buzzwords without regard, it has some really juicy bits as well!)

Holy smokes, totally forgot that the North America meetup was today! :blobcateyesspin:

Tune in for some user-defined-functional fun here:

WebAssembly Summit 2023 will take place this summer in London, UK (in-person plus live stream & Discord chat).

They are still accepting talk proposals until January 31! Submit on the website:

Summit 2023 announced! It's a hybrid event (both London in-person and online), and the is accepting talk proposals until end of January!

The video focuses on an imaginary, but realistic use case by "Proxyz", a networking company who wants to give its users full flexibility over customizing how Proxyz handles their traffic.

This Friday me & @cohix will dive deeper into the demo, talk about why would you need something like this and how you make it happen using SE2.

Join us at 15:30 UTC on Friday live if interested in learning more!

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Couple weeks ago I've put together a little video showcase of customizing & extending applications through the power of plugins, using the tool that me and workmates are developing over at Suborbital, the SE2 "extension engine":

In which Flaki talks about MUD-s, WebIDL, microservices, and there's an entire mini-episode on and the fediverse tacked onto the end.

Oh yes, we also talk about :blobfoxdealwithitfingerguns:

Jabber podcast 560 — The State of WebAssembly, featuring yours truly:

(fair warning: total runlength ~100 minutes :foxwah: )

📺 Join me & @bnjbvr_en this afternoon @ 4PM CET for some cozy @matrix hacking live on stream!

We are going to be looking at Trinity, Benjamin's supercool side project that lets you write bots in & WebAssembly. Come for the coolness, stay for the endless hilarity that ensues as I attempt writing Rust code and hope live to tell the story :ablobcateyesflip:


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