@blaine you know it's imagined and/or would cost a thousand buckaroos because it has pockets :blobfoxangrylaugh:

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You don't really need to be an activist or a saint or a leftist or a socialist or really much of anything to believe that black lives matter, or that trans rights are human rights, or to be anti-fascist, or to believe that your privacy is your dignity. All you really need to believe is that if a machine that can strip any person of their rights, agency, safety or privacy is permitted to exist at all, then somebody someday might point that machine at you. So that machine can't be permitted to be.

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Can’t tell you how excited I am for: github.com/bytecodealliance/jc

On the Rust side you can produce a WASM component using the `cargo component` commands. And on the JS side you can then just do:

import myComponent from “my-component”;

…which with the jco command will just work! Imo that’s going to be huge for cross-language interop!

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If you like IPFS and you like specs, we now have a specs website! Get it while it's hot: specs.ipfs.tech/.

Only a subset of the specs are published yet, we'll be iterating and pushing more out over the coming weeks and months!

@helpcomputer0 not sure if this works on the mastodon.art web UI but some client apps (like Tusky on Android) lets you edit the post without losing the original URL and likes etc. (unlike on other sites where you can't update posts :birdsite: )

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Cover artwork made for Waveshaper's new single HEARTS out on April 7! Pre-save it on Spotify here: show.co/3QYao84 💖

#pixelart #mastoart #DigitalArt #zxspectrum

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#PhanpySocial changelog ✨

❌ Delete post
🙅 Mention, Mute, Block account
🪣 (Partial) Filtered posts UI
👥 Posts context grouping in timelines
👥 Boosts deduplication (beta)
😉 Custom emoji picker
🤏 Pinch-zoom for images. Ctrl/Cmd+scroll for pointers.
🙈 Setting to hide “Translate” button for specific languages
💱 Translate bio, including profile metadata
🎚️ Comments thread UI now nest to ∞ levels
🐛 Bug fixes

🔗 phanpy.social

#Mastodon #MastoDev

Hi, hello, hey. Umm so… @lumi presents the cutest play bow in the universe.

That's it, that's the toot :BlobCat_uwu:

@ash it was. :blobcateyesspin:

(Austria right now, but in Europe most of the time)

@ash i totally missed this and now sad that I couldn't cheer you on with a jolly "yess, goo for it!!" :blobmelt:

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@shanselman @nova

All time favorite tech account. Never fails to make me happy!

Teaching without preaching. Inspire me to be a better communicator.

Living their journey. Can't help but become interested in their interests.

Ask the questions more of us (all of us?) should be asking.

@foone apparently it's an issue with snaps:

(fwiw Mozilla has been constantly complaining about how Snaps have been screwing them over time after time)

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Gist of the article: Dogs are deeply emotional beings, the emotions we share create lasting bonds. But we need to become "fluent in dog," a language of combined facial expressions, posture, gait and tail movements. 
I have as much chance of becoming fluent in dog as in Archaic Chinese but I try to give them freedom to express themselves and I watch what they do. Here Tiramisu wants to tell me something: but what?

 #dogs #dogsofmastodon

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It was a pleasure to talk about one of my favourite books "Tribal Leadership" with @hola_soy_milk and @kvantomme for the @devrel bookclub!

We spoke about community building and how to use language and coaching techniques to change people's mindset from "live sucks" to "we're great"


#leadership #community #bookclub

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