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If folks want to prevent these outcomes, for example to preserve a system where everyone logs on through small communities where they know the admin and moderators personally, the governing principles need to be put in place now. The technology won't do it by itself, and in fact it may create conditions that favor the opposite outcome. /fin

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@cheeaun put the Forest back in Forest Hill yea! 🌳🌳

@cwebber I hear it's one of those beer subscription thingies, but witty marketers decided to bundle a colouring book, for them lads'n'lasses still young at heart :NiceThumb:

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Does your conference badge tell you the CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity? Mine does now. #github

@attila if single-tenant taxonomies were enough for categorizing content blogs would have happily chugged on with their "categories" and would never have eveb glanced in the general direction of hashtags. :blobcatnerd:

This is a hard computer problem, because it's not a computer problem at all :blobcateyesspin:

@attila @zilahu the only way is to encourage people to have separate accounts (be that on your own host like @travel , or on a dedicated instance like mastodon.art for art, pixelfed for budgie pictures, @baela for plushie content). Like, you know, how you had separate Instagram, Deviantart and whatever accounts except now your *followers* are not forced to register in all those just to follow.
It's gonna be a long and arduous process as people unlearn some things ingrained by commercial social media and learn to use the thing the fedi provides, apart from all that, it really is just you against the tide with constant gardening and curation through follows and filters.

@matuzo @marcus it's fun to spin up new accounts liberally to compartmentalize your tooting imo, that way your audience can vote better with their feet (hashtags are still a fair bit clunkier in the UX, and you can always boost across accounts to make a piece of content available for multiple audiences)

@dajb @ru there will be many cases in which one will simply become “incompatible” with the values or leadership decisions of their instance's administration; a straightforward (if highly unlikely recourse, at least by the grrat majority) is to set up one's own personal instance ( flaki.social/@flaki/1093885921 ). I think this *will* become easier with time, but there will be tons of people who will not be willing or able to host and curate their own instance and for them this is a very useful conversation to have imo!

@ru @dajb moderators banning a PoC on grounds of racism calling out whiteness started an avalanche and though this decision was reversed people were livid and not convinced by the instance owner's apology not having stated any plans to avoid this situation in the future.
(is how it started anyway, afaict, but that was days ago so things have been escalating since)

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@nova announcing that she is already exhausted from hachyderm reminds me of a conversation I had at JSConf with a fellow community organiser. I asked her how her projects are going and she answered “Great! They are successful. But because of that, I may need to kill them, I don’t have the capacity”.

Please support the people providing your spaces wherever you can - if the work is done well, it’s very invisible, but it’s still a ton of work.

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Hello #golang developers! I am looking for some kind of comment-augmented annotation tool to generate OpenAPI specs directly from code. Any suggestions?

I swear such a thing exists, but I forget where I saw it!

@galffy alapértelmezés szerint nincs szűrés, minden jön. Neked sztem itt lesz ha legörgetsz: berlin.social/settings/prefere

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I published a blog post! First one in 637 days 👍

It's a short post on code reviews, inspired by a super cool colleague of mine ⬇️


@galffy jaja, bár igazán szerintem majd akkor lesz hasznos amikor lehet fordítani a posztokat (ami 4.0-s verziótól elvileg már elérhető, bár én még néhány verzióval ezelőtt kullogok a saját szerveremen).

@galffy sajnos az interfészen ez nem nyilvánvaló, de csekkoltam az adatbázisban és ott valóban "hu"-nak van teggelve a toot nyelvezete! 🏆

(alapbeállításon viszont csak az interfész nyelvének a megváltoztatásával lehet definiálni hogy milyen nyelven legyenek teggelve a kimenő tülkök, szóval ez így eléggé macera :blobcateyesspin: )

Empirically and subjectively this has always been true for me, but now apparently there's research on how sitting in a coffee shop (and the noise of the bustle in particular) is conductive to creative thought! :blobcatread:

(also mynoise.net is wonderful)

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