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Off topic: these are our two rescue donkeys, Arturo and Manuel. They’re funny and very good boys.

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We can make the fediverse safer tomorrow. Technology is not the problem.

The problem is people that bigots don't target want to make decisions for the people that are and demonize said targets when they suggest something that doesn't agree with their myopia.

LGBTQ!+, Brown folks, Indigenous, and Black folks have been saying the same things over and over and over and over again.

Most of the people building software are just refusing to listen.

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It's been more than a year since i updated my pinned intro post so uh here is an update

I'm a full stack dev in my day-to-day but will most likely want to talk about _anything but_ code here lol.
Hobbies include but aren't limited to:
Art (digital and traditional), Gardening, Photography, Weird cooking experiments, Fashion (read: dressing kinda like a time traveller), Ambling nature walks where i get very enthused about birds and cool bugs, Cute indie games, and i'm trying to get back into reading more.

My Cat, Bobo, Is a delightful old baby-grandpa and has a talent for collecting weird nicknames for himself.

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Hypothesis: As more companies adopt a remote-first approach, the need for proper documentation increases exponentially. Capturing information into and fetching it from a shared knowledge base is no longer a necessity but a priority. The platform or tool that excels in both cases will ultimately win the battle. #remote #knowledge

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If I offered SaaS managed Mastodon, similar to and others

Is this a thing you'd be interested in?

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If anyone knows any entry level/ junior prodsec folks looking for a gig, HMU. Fully remote anywhere in the US.

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Yesterday we tagged the first release of e2core, our open source Wasm plugin server! It’s still early, but it’s undergone a lot of testing and we’re quite excited about it:

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Hello from the Trinity live stream by & !

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Finally decided to give Mastodon a go. Here are some samples of my work and where to find me!

#introduction #pixelart

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Oh my god with the drama. Yes we get it, you've never been forced off a platform integral to networking in your profession and earning a living before. It's the end of the world🙄

It happens regularly to marginalized folk and we all told you you'd be next. You didn't give a shit

📺 Join me & @bnjbvr_en this afternoon @ 4PM CET for some cozy @matrix hacking live on stream!

We are going to be looking at Trinity, Benjamin's supercool side project that lets you write bots in & WebAssembly. Come for the coolness, stay for the endless hilarity that ensues as I attempt writing Rust code and hope live to tell the story :ablobcateyesflip:

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Recently, we experimented with a new social media account on #Mastodon. Now we've taken a few steps further. We run our own server open to all.
It's great to be on the #Fediverse with
Read the news 👉
#TwitterMigration #MastodonMigration

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A problem with teaching a programming language is that by the time you have the depth of knowledge needed to teach it, you often know too much to relate to where the students are. So you almost have to relearn it from their point of view.
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I'm starting a series of blog posts examining Unix's "Everything Is A File" philosophy, as a way of exploring system interface design principles related to #WASI. Here's the first post!

@squillace bloggity blogs!

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