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Hi everybody, I’m ready to unveil my year-end-holiday-hack project:

Meet Searchtodon: ***Private*** Timeline Search for Mastodon

It fills a gap that I have been missing over on Twitter as well: “I remember seeing this THING, where was that again?”

It is built with privacy and consent in mind (pls see the FAQ), but is also *an experiment* to see if something like this is accepted by the larger Mastodon community.

Here goes:

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🎙️Tune in next Weds Jan 18th at 1pm EST!

Sydnee Sampson will be joining @blackgirlbytes and me to practise their talk:
Leveraging Open Source to Accelerate Your Tech Career

On our Twitch:

Other timezones:

@lianmakesthings hey Lian! A good friend of mine is planning to organize a JSUnconf in Brazil, I'd connect him with ppl from the Hamburg team, who would be a good person to connect them to? Could you drop me some names/email addresses in a DM? :brows:

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"Complete Compute Gibberish" #zine, #riso printed at Obra Press, our local #copenhagen riso association, in riso purple and fluorescent pink.

It's been added to my zine repo, if you wanted a closer look!

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We normally promote the conference Tech Intersections: Women of Color in Computing on #Twitter but won't this year for obvious reasons.

Please help us spread the word about this #bipoc conference in #Oakland #California.

We're offering 20% off with promo code MASTODON. #BlackMastodon #BlackFriday

We are giving free tickets to people who have been laid off with promo code LAIDOFF.

The event includes an #ally skills workshop for supporters of #woc.

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this is a very interesting video covering an issue i didn’t know about but am totally not surprised because amazon is such a parasite to every possible discipline and craft

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Here is a short video I am calling "The Evolution Of Web Advertising"

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Unexpected things you never thought organizing a large community conference will prepare you for:

Arranging getting a very specific puppy from a Hungarian breeder while moving to a new, pet-friendly apartment in Estonia :this_is_fine:


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It is a profound and likely irreversible problem that it is seen to be a sort of revolutionary and noble act to build your software in a way that by default does not mercilessly vacuum up as much data as possible with complete disregard for personal privacy

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Enjoy this short clip of the raccoon that is currently trying to catch snowflakes on my deck. 🦝 ❄️

Y dis homelabomination? :blobthinkingeyes:

I'm experimenting with a low-baseline-power fully passive home server that also doubles as the host of a workstation/gaming Windows VM.

The First is a super tricky case to build but has a massive "heart" that can dissipate 250W+ of heat entirely passively through heat pipes and convection: that's enough to cool a fast Ryzen CPU *and* up to something like the RTX A4000 which is roughly equivalent to the RTX 3070 in performance.

While I experiment I run the rig from the Streacom FC5, which passively cools the CPU and connects to an RTX A2000 (smol!) through the riser cable, eventually the whole shebang will move into The First. :blobcatnerd:

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Enjoy this homelabomination from yesterday's tinkering: two passively cooled cases tethered by a PCIe-riser-umbilical-cord :blobCatGooglyTableFlip:

Unfortunately the RAM on the (newly-procured) RTX A4000 runs *mighty hot*, even with the small copper heatsinks they overheat under load in no time, so I will have to find a way to give them a more massive heatsink or somehow attach them to The First's heatpipe (which cools the GA104 core wonderfully btw)

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I strive to be as content in life as this Pikachu and Squirtle #pokemon #brisbane

OH: “Messziről jött kontent-kriétör azt mond amit akar…”

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CW Alcohol

Quick fluffy reunion before the year is out with @flaki as well as @baela and a lovely gift from @don 🥰

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