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How about some squirrelly cuteness? Mmmm snacks.
I watched this soft, little Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) climb the thorny stalk of a Devil's Club plant to retrieve these berries. I have no idea how squirrels avoid being scratched by the spiky plant!

#squirrel #SquirrelsOfMastodon #CuteAnimals #Nature #Wildlife

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I keep wanting to tell people we're on Mastodon now and can stop splitting longer posts into multi-post threads the UI is bad at dealing with and posting quotes as screenshots and other bad habits Twitter's limitations forced on us, but then I remember website boy decided 500 characters should be enough for everyone.

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I’m fascinated by #Rust feeling both high-level and low-level (to me).

* Serializing to (and deserializing from) various formats via Serde is amazing.
* Similar: handling CLI arguments via Clap.
* Algebraic data types via enums are very convenient.

* I/O errors don’t tell you the path of the files or directories that caused them.
* By default, errors don’t support stack traces and chaining.
* No named arguments or argument default values.

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18 years old passionate travellers wanted!

We offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel around 30 countries in the EU and beyond, meet new international friends, and make unforgettable memories: the #DiscoverEU application round is back.

Some key facts for those who want to apply:

👉 35,000 passes are available

👉 Legal residents of 🇪🇺 🇮🇸 🇱🇮 🇲🇰 🇳🇴 🇷🇸 🇹🇷 can apply

👉 For all those born between 01 July 2004 and 30 June 2005

Apply now:

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I've published a detailed intro to CO2 monitoring.
- How to use it
- What it tells you
- What levels should be
- Limitations you need to be aware of
- Gauging risk for airborne disease transmission

Holy crap listening to @hybrid's new single, "Calling Your Name" which only gets officially released in April, but they gave the track away to their Patreon-supporters (as a 24bit 48KHz WAV master nontheless!!) a whole month early and dear god it's such a sweeping banger! :blobcatbigfan:

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A favor to ask!

If you know of any #Fediverse related events (conferences, networking, demo opportunities) that would be a good fit please reach out and let us know. Even if you think we already know about them, it's likely we don't!

Going forward I want Owncast to be a larger part of the greater community, but I've been very disconnected from it, so I could use your help.

Thank you!

In personal news today: @lumi, this adorable fluffy troublemaker will be soon joining me in Tallinn! 🐾

She is a blue merle rough collie from a hungarian breeder so it will be a bit more involved (and potentially quite a bit adventurous!) getting her all the way to Estonia this young, and is a project for the next two months, so if you are interested in how that pans out (or just care for the puppy pics, no judging) check out her account :blob_raccoon_peek:

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nvidia: we are very concerned that if you don’t add 2fa to this account we forced you to make, criminals might download these free drivers without giving us accurate marketing demographic details

your bank: sorry, what? you want two tractors?

hunpol, anti-trans garbage 

The evolution of clickbaity boob-content in one of Hungary's state-furnished online propaganda-outlets:*

They somehow managed to publish a photo gallery of Hunter Schafer's revealing dress from the Oscars initially under the title "Photo gallery — beautiful actress flaunts naked boobs at the Oscar gala"**, that later got revised to state "LGBTQ-activist" instead of the "beautiful" actress, then soon after flat out switched to "Man operated to become woman boasts bare boobs at the Oscars" :blobcatdisapproval:

Article (in hungarian):

*Origo is one of the oldest hungarian publications/web portals. During the past decade it has been bought out by billionaires close to FIDESZ and has increasingly became a hostile conservative outlet, spewing pro-government propaganda (incl. constant vile anti-LGBTQ rhetoric)

**Spoiler Alert: they weren't naked 🙄

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Want to learn how to make websites right now, without having to learn to code first?

Later today we're hosting a demo of how to use Wix to build websites

Join us here

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Man, it's crazy to think how the ZX Spectrum is getting better games today than it did when it was new. This Aliens game is incredible, especially considering the limitations of the system.

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OH @flaki: Channel Read Bankruptcy, see if you can get a bailout FOR THAT.

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I like to take short videos of Indy doing Indy things and occasionally I throw them together to bring a little sunshine to the Internet. I think I'll start using these videos as evidence the next time I want to adopt a dog to show that I am fully capable of being a dutiful servant to my animal.

#sheltie #shetlandsheepdog #dog #doggo #dogsofmastodon #floof #bestlife #gopro #pets #beach

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Happy Monday. 3 days before ticket prices for #btconf in Düsseldorf on April 17 and 18 go up by €50. Don‘t wait. Get one of the remaining tickets now.

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theyre building furniture n i think theyre doing a very good job!!

#MastoArt #art #cats

God knows we need this so desperately :blobPikaUnhappy:

We Need a Revolution in Clean Indoor Air

« Unlike our ancestors, global citizens spend 90% of their time indoors often breathing air rich in viruses, chemicals, particles and CO2.

From Forsberg’s perspective the only way to close the door on this pandemic is to provide “clean air the way engineered systems supply clean water.” »

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Dear November Evan,

I am sending you an hour excised from the darkest time of my night.

I'm on the Finger Lakes, so it is full of snow, waves, and geese honking.

Please put it to good use!


March Evan


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Sadly, this investment for Long COVID is needed because public health and governments chose not to acknowledge that COVID is airborne so the proper measures were not put in place to protect the public. The infrastructure wasn't upgraded over the past 3 years of the pandemic to provide clean air for everyone (like we expect to have safe clean drinking water, 8/

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