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Are you passionate about Rust and would like to share your knowledge? Submit your talk idea for EuroRust by June 11th and join the conference as a speaker!

➡️ To the CfP:

#rustlang #cfp #eurorust23

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anyone know of tech (javascript) confs looking for a weird artsy hardware project demo/talk?

I've had my head down building two projects, mainly with js/rpi/ardiuno & a sprinkle of chatgpt & circuitpython.

i'm exploring new ways i can maintain human connections. i'm using impractical objects (that please my neurodivergent adhd brain) as input devices that motivate me to maintain interactions with others. i'd love to share my weirdness in person with others.

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Nvidia & Intel both have hardware accelerated AV1 encoding. Would u like to know which encoder performs better, among other things? Take a look at my blog post here:

#av1 #twitch #youtube #nvidia #intel

The little rascal decided to gobble up some broken glass on yesterday's walkies. :blobpats:
One chest X-ray and a lot of cursing later (she's fine!) the doctor recommends adding rice to her diet for the next couple days to help flush the glass shards, and so guess who's getting a salmon wet-food "onigiri" with salmon sashimi for dinner tonight?? 🍙


So research on observations behavior of thriving packs of free-ranging dogs in e.g. India has revolutionized the understanding, ownership and training of canine companions in the past decade…

and while Budapest is dirty, I'm sure it's no more dirty than the parts of India inhabited by these dogs…

and yet here I am, for the past month stressing and actively working my ass off to keep this puppy from danger and barely scraping by, and I just don't get how are those dogs doing it???

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Was at an event yesterday where two speakers (10% of speakers) had to cancel due to testing positive for COVID (so they did not attend).

Yet, with this very prominent reminder COVID is still out there, only one other person wore a mask.

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We're not going to make an AGI, don't be ridiculous.

But we're (probably) less than 1-6 months away from:

- running a chatbot on your phone that's sophisticated enough to convince the average teenager to commit suicide.

- building form submission bots that cripple every NPO in the world

- destroying all forms of public address-based communication (like email)

- scamming *every* senior citizen out of their life's savings

I could continue, but I won't share the actually dangerous ideas

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@panda @stevestreza
Thats a very good question. I will do my best to answer but please keep in mind I have never actually distributed my work beyond band camp and promoting it on fedi/twitter, so this will bias my answer.

Spotify pay an artist about 0.3cents (US) per play. In my currency thats more like 0.2c EUR. The poverty line in Germany, where I live is 1,148eur a month. (this would not cover the cost of living in Berlin, where I actually live) So, spotify would have to find me 575,000 monthly plays consistently to pay me poverty wages. Based on surveying the playcounts of most small electronic artists similar to myself that I do listen to on Spotify, most are getting a reported couple of thousand plays a month, maybe. that#s if they've been discovered by an audience already. Spotify also has several malicious practices that prevent you from getting that money, like demanding you use a distribution platform that is nearly as exploitative as the traditional labels. 1/2

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What conference was your best online conference attendance experience? Looking for answers about the conference as a whole rather than individual interactions and ones that are focused on the online presence (platform, tooling, etc.) rather than presentation content.

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Cool! You can finally get push notifications when an #owncast stream goes live on iOS! Though you have to add the page to your Home Screen first.
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I’ve recently learned of a different way of limiting corporate travel, and I think it’s brilliant.

Every company travel policy I’d heard of until yesterday has been a variation on the same theme:

There’s an annual a travel budget. Management may or may not have priority and there may be limitations on who can travel together, but in the end the true limit is the amount of money in the budget.

The policy I learned of yesterday is almost, but not quite, unlike the others. The budget isn’t about money. It’s about CO2 emissions. Each department gets a specific amount of CO2 emissions for travel for the year.

The implications are interesting:

Travel within Europe has become train first as a natural consequence. Intercontinental travel has been reduced by a significant amount.

It’s an absolutely amazing policy and it should be the standard corporate travel policy everywhere.

Tell me you are raising a puppy dog without telling me you are raising a puppy dog :awkward_look_monkey:

(my skincare routine does well to hide the telling signs of sleep deprivation tho :blobcatfearful: )

CW scars, bite marks

The Big Day is upon us, here's the plan for getting @lumi back to Estonia from Budapest next week:

• Leaving Budapest next Friday
• Train to Vienna
• Two nights in an airbnb near the train station and a small park
• Train to Berlin via Nuremburg
• Couple nights in a hotel in Berlin close to Volkspark to recover
• Train to Rostock
• Overnight ferry to Trelleborg in Sweden
• Train to Stockholm the next morning
• Overnight ferry to Tallinn
• Finally arrive home a week later

It is all booked! Wish us luck, we gonna need it! :blobcateyesspin:

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hello, my friends on Mastadon 👋
i'm helping out with the state of css survey this year, and would like your help to recommend folks from underrepresented groups who create css-related content worth highlighting.

and also, suggest groups i could get in touch with to participate in the survey such that we can get a wider demographic of answers 🙇🏻

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In other news, excited to share that starting next week, I'll start working at #Element, the company behind the #Matrix protocol and messaging apps 🥳

It's great to be back in open-source and help decentralize messaging 💌

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Living the dream - swapped the castors on my office chair with rollerblade wheels 🛼

Tried finding out the safe amount of matcha a dog can consume on Zhe Internet, and seeing this over-SEO-d garbage dump of directly contradicting articles I am
1, not surprised the internet is rife with mis- and disinformation and
2, I'm absolutely horrified by the thought that this is what we are training our LLMs on :blobcatfearful:

(TL;DR: don't give your dog matcha anything, but in minute quantities it shouldn't be harmful; if they do eat/drink matcha stuff watch out for signs of caffeine-poisoning)

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