Went to Silo today, which has been a breakfast/brunch/coffee staple for me in Berlin for over half a decade... They seem to have lost their chef recently, no more pancakes and the avocado toast was just sad :blobcatmeltcry:

First picture: avo toast on sourdough and poached egg, bacon from 2016. Second picture: avo toast from today.

The coffee is still good.

📍 Silo Coffee, Friedrichshain

Been foiled by the treacherous hooman, he ordered a veggie croissant — such torment :blobfoxcryreach:

selfie, eye contact, meat / comidas chilenas 

:blobcatsip: you get to hang out for your first-ever time in (for ) with proper a chileno @hola_soy_milk who introduces you to the "completo" (a Chilean take on 🌭 )

:patcat: you two manage to find the most commercialized, most McDonaldsiest completos on the planet :ohnobubble:

The quick Bæla fox jumps on the lazy Flaki scone! 😤🏆

(Rambla café, Buenos Aires)

Guess I wasn't the _only one_ who missed fresh * terribly 💕

*Medialunas ("half-moons") are the Argentinian (latin-american?) take on croissants, except they handily beat 95% of all run-of-the-mill croissants mere mortals may come across in their lives. They are the tastiest, most bite-size and most wonderfully-textured pastry on the planet +if I say "right on par with a fresh-out-of-the-oven scandinavian cinnamon bun" you know I mean bizness! 💖)

w/ @baela
📍 Fierro Hotel

Fair warning: I may be biased, my brother works here as a chef 👨‍🍳

A giant avocado toast with crispy bacon and poached eggs at this trendy upscale downtown brunch place. Definitely on the pricier side, but the portions are huge and everything is tasty & made with quality ingredients.

I'm probably even more biased when it comes to the service but some really cheery & nice folks provide unsurprisingly excellent service.

📍 Franziska – Pest, Budapest

Crispy Duck Rice and a famished fox :blobfoxeyes:

While neither the crispiness nor the duck-riceyness does justice to the authentic original, the ~10€ dish is huge and plentiful, and does a decent job in evoking the correct notes of its chinese-cuisine inspiration. :blobmelt:

📍 Biang Bistro, Budapest

No photo would do it justice but here is a quick snap of the duck confit with grilled asparagus side, and the heavenly house-made signature bread of Pegasus in .

If you are in , looking for a fine-ish dining resto in the capital that is above the usual pizza-pasta-kebab fare without breaking the bank or having to sign up to a waiting list 6 months ahead, do give them a try!

Pictured, duck leg main course plus asparagus side and a ½l bottle of cider is a ~30€ bill for one person.

Weird Finnish Pastry Corner:
The Tippaleipä

It's quite interesting, you need to break off pieces of the tangled, deep-fried dough covered in powdered sugar. It's super crunchy and the birds will forever love you for it, too, as it's impossible to eat without inevitably dropping bits of the bunch.

The whole thing tastes like a thinner, crunchier version of the Hungarian pastry called “csörögefánk” (and looking at the production method that's not surprising)

The second attempt turned out a lot better, partly because of the cold tomatoes straight from the fridge were a lot less runny, and partly because the balsamic reduction (just simmer some quality balsamic vinegar until it gets molassy!) looks and tastes wonderful. Will probably add a bit of sugar next time to make the taste complement the rest of the dish even more.

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Long have I lamented that I couldn't find a single good ramen place here in Tallinn since Bao Jaam's Old Town restaurant closed, so I rejoiced on a recent trip to Helsinki, where momotoko.com's Tonkotsu Ramen hit just the spot. 💕

Turns out, not only do they have a small booth on Telliskivi Toittänav (“food street”) here, but a restaurant is also coming soon to the iconic port of Noblessner! 🍜

...I'm a huge fan of Italian food, and I must admit Tallinn has a pretty decent Italian food scene so when I was thinking what am I going to do with this much bread... of course, pick up some tomatoes and make some Bruschetta Al Pomodoro! 🍅✨

Don't mind the messy plate, I was hungry, but hey for a first try on blanché'd tomatoes, I consider this a success. Can definitely experiment with seasoning but a good first step this I proclaim.

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First stop today:
Literally across the street here there is a baker, francois.ee/en/, and I finally got around to pre-order some fine, wood-fire, home-made pastries and breads.
The bread got a bit toastie, but still tastes amazing, as do the croissants and pain au chocolate. And as for the baguette...

That's right, new channel! 😋

Think of this channel to be a spiritual successor of my Instagram, at least the part of my Instagram that pretended to be a foodie blog, of sorts.

Expect food shots from Tallinn & other parts of the world while I @travel; and perhaps a bunch of less-glamourous pictures as well as I slowly progress in my very own culinary journey.


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