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Hello world! :blobcatwave:

My name is Lumi, I'm a 2-month old blue merle . Like any good pupper I love a good snooze and frolicking with my littermates! I was born in Hungary with seven other fluffy furballs to keep me company and will be moving to Estonia soon with my bff @flaki :blobsnuggle:

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Even just half a day of doggie-daycare will leave her *absolutely knackered* for the rest of the day, it's quite amusing /cc @bodil

Running, rolling, playing in grass is all great, but sometimes just sitting down and touching grass can be just as fulfilling 💚

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My new friend! His name is Vulpine Flatley — allegedly of Irish descent — and a true master of making strange & enticing noises by only using their body! :ameowbongo:

Got a new brain-teaser, tongue-muscle-trainer thingy! The hooman says I shouldn't be scarfing down mah food in like 10 seconds (hooman iz obvs wrong, food is for being scarfed down!) but I appreciate this newfound tickling of the brainbox nontheless :blobcatsip:

The "stroll" has swiftly escalated to "ZOOMI-Engines engaged!" :doge: 🚀

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The Royal Family reports: the princess has taken up residence in her baltic summer palace 🌳🇪🇪

This concludes

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The sun rises above the Baltic Sea (and @lumi's butt :doge: )

📍 M/S Baltic Queen en route to Tallinn

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God morgon Sverige! 🛳️

📍 TT-Line “Akka” at Trelleborg port, Sweden

It's our first day in Berlin and we have already met a fellow Lumi!! :owoCatBlush:

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Our ticket to Berlin came with lounge-access :blobcatfingerguns:

(we do have a booked seat but @lumi got constantly woken up by people as they scuttled about… :blobcatmeltcry: )

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