It's pretty incredible (and just plain sad, honestly) that absolutely *noone* in Argentina will ever read your emails — but you can call literally *anyone* on their Whatsapp... :blobcatdisapproval:

Earlier today I had lunch at a nearby restaurant, upon returning to the apartment (after less than an hour) I found dark brown glass shrapnels blanketing literally the entire living room accompanied by an inundating, malt-y smell…


Turns out, in a freakish accident, one of the craft beers (offered by the host and left on a shelf before checkin) could cope even less with the 35°C heatwave in Buenos Aires and the bottle properly exploded all over the place in the short while I was away :blobCatGooglyTableFlip:

The power of the blast was enough not only to send glass shrapnels to the furthest reaches of the living room 4-5 meters away, but you can see one such shrapnel pierce deep into the nearby wall :blobcatfearful:

The host apologized profusely (I don't think anyone could foresee this, nor do I think it will happen ever again/anytime soon…) and after the initial scare she told me she'll be marketing their "explosive beer" to future tenants from now on 🧨

“Beat the hyperinflation, buy Bitcoin at satoshitango dot com!”

…reality seems hella intent on putting The Onion out of business y'all… :blobcatdisapproval:

I practically have not slept last night to catch an early flight back to but here am I, watching the Andes being all pretty and grandiose, and that's totally makeing up for the inconvenience :kittyWant:

Okay so not gonna lie, de was pretty darned cool. As in, extremely hot but rather quite *bakan* :blobfoxdealwithitfingerguns:

selfie, eye contact, meat / comidas chilenas 

:blobcatsip: you get to hang out for your first-ever time in (for ) with proper a chileno @hola_soy_milk who introduces you to the "completo" (a Chilean take on 🌭 )

:patcat: you two manage to find the most commercialized, most McDonaldsiest completos on the planet :ohnobubble:

Arrived in de , and holy chip, the murals game of this city is astounding… :blobaww:

Yesterday I finally made it out to the Rosedal and there was many a 🦆

(tons of rollerskating too, and people practicing freeskate & slalom, really made me wish I'd brought my skates, too :blobcatgooglycry: )

📍 Parque El Rosedal

Cozy city still life, as viewed from a nearby coffee shop during the morning downpour…

(is this what the cool kids call ?)

📍Las Cañitas,

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The calm before the storm ⛈️

Moments after, Buenos Aires re-enacting my favorite tropical pourdowns have made me really nostalgic for Asia again — maybe that was the point, Argentina wants to show off "Hey, look, I can do this too!" :uwuCatLove:

I almost forgot how beatiful this city can be — and how it's absolutely filled to the brim with dogs :blob_raccoon_heart:

📍 Plaza Inmigrantes de Armenia, "Ciudad Verde"

As practically anyone who has ever spent a few full winters in the Baltics/Scandinavia will be all too keen to tell you, feeling the rays of the sun on your face and the warmth on your skin in January is like a sweet kiss from a divine being themself. It is rejuvenating in ways that I'd struggle to express using words alone :uwuCatLove:

📍 Palermo SOHO

Guess I wasn't the _only one_ who missed fresh * terribly 💕

*Medialunas ("half-moons") are the Argentinian (latin-american?) take on croissants, except they handily beat 95% of all run-of-the-mill croissants mere mortals may come across in their lives. They are the tastiest, most bite-size and most wonderfully-textured pastry on the planet +if I say "right on par with a fresh-out-of-the-oven scandinavian cinnamon bun" you know I mean bizness! 💖)

w/ @baela
📍 Fierro Hotel

This morning has already been pretty eventful but ohhey Buenos Aires here we come! 🥳
CW selfie, eye contact
w/ @baela

A new adventure starts today so here, have a picture of from the Moxy window for a tease… :blobnomcookie:

Finally managed to get a breakfast at the hip downtown brunch place my brother works at! 🙀✨

The food was great as expected, as was the service, by the end of devouring the towering plate of 🥑 toast I felt like they'll need to drag me out on a stretcher, so good but soo full :blobcatpopcornsweats:

Crispy Duck Rice and a famished fox :blobfoxeyes:

While neither the crispiness nor the duck-riceyness does justice to the authentic original, the ~10€ dish is huge and plentiful, and does a decent job in evoking the correct notes of its chinese-cuisine inspiration. :blobmelt:

📍 Biang Bistro, Budapest

Yesterday I tried purchasing a local public transport ticket in Munich in 3 different applications — ultimately giving up after 15 minutes.

Today I missed my train, and could not confirm if the ticket was valid for another train, so tried purchasing a new one in the DB app — not possible (or moreso, broken, the tickets were listed but no fares were available for purchase).
I'm not the only one either, the ticket inspector scanned my QR code, his app told him the ticket is "nicht gültig" but he also couldn't discern *why exactly* is it so? So he left me alone.

Anyway, Schengen or not, particularly cross-border rail is a glorious hot mess in Europe, have some pretty snowy landscape pics from the München-Salzburg route instead:

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