After 8 days and well over 2.500km travelled we have finally made it back home to Tallinn together with @lumi ! :BlueMerle: 🇪🇪

With that, the first is now officially over — but given how well she handled it (being just 4 months old and all!), I'm sure this won't have been the last… :brows:

And now please excuse me as I collapse and sleep for 40 hours straight :blobPikaSleepy:

CW selfie, eye contact

The Royal Family reports: the princess has taken up residence in her baltic summer palace 🌳🇪🇪

This concludes

TFW you can see your apartment from the ferry as it pulls into the harbor :awkward_look_monkey: :blobcatmeltcry:

The sun rises above the Baltic Sea (and @lumi's butt :doge: )

📍 M/S Baltic Queen en route to Tallinn

POV: you have a hot dog and a forever-hungry dog :blobnomcookie:

CW selfie, eye contact

God morgon Sverige! 🛳️

📍 TT-Line “Akka” at Trelleborg port, Sweden

Baltic crossing 1 of 2! 🛳️

Boarded the night ferry to Trelleborg, Sweden — see y'all again in the morning! :blobPikaSleepy:

📍 TTLine «Akka» — Rostock ferry terminal

She is not someone to be bossed around :blobcatknife:
(I wanted a dog "with a personality" and boy have I got what I bargained for! :blobcateyesspin: )

📍 @lumi playing with her lead somewhere around S+U Warschauer Strasse station in

📸 photo by @jer

Apparently UNIQLO at Alexanderplatz is dog friendly! :BlueMerle:

📍 UNIQLO, Alexanderplatz

It's our first day in Berlin and we have already met a fellow Lumi!! :owoCatBlush:

Went to Silo today, which has been a breakfast/brunch/coffee staple for me in Berlin for over half a decade... They seem to have lost their chef recently, no more pancakes and the avocado toast was just sad :blobcatmeltcry:

First picture: avo toast on sourdough and poached egg, bacon from 2016. Second picture: avo toast from today.

The coffee is still good.

📍 Silo Coffee, Friedrichshain

Berlin, we are in you! :cuteFroggie:

(leaving Thursday afternoon)

CW selfie, eye contact

Our ticket to Berlin came with lounge-access :blobcatfingerguns:

(we do have a booked seat but @lumi got constantly woken up by people as they scuttled about… :blobcatmeltcry: )

with @lumi is in full swing, managed to pass by a shop to get the new game (picked up the last available copy :blobfoxangrylaugh: ) before catching the first train to ! 🚅💨

📍 Konzolvilág, Kelenföld railway station

While the hooman is locking up the den, I'm guarding the food-carriers :doge:

The Big Day is upon us, here's the plan for getting @lumi back to Estonia from Budapest next week:

• Leaving Budapest next Friday
• Train to Vienna
• Two nights in an airbnb near the train station and a small park
• Train to Berlin via Nuremburg
• Couple nights in a hotel in Berlin close to Volkspark to recover
• Train to Rostock
• Overnight ferry to Trelleborg in Sweden
• Train to Stockholm the next morning
• Overnight ferry to Tallinn
• Finally arrive home a week later

It is all booked! Wish us luck, we gonna need it! :blobcateyesspin:

If someone has been missing the travelpost-fodder, currently I am in and have already picked up my dog, @lumi from the breeder. We are making preparations to travel back home to together next month (likely via trains and ferries, gonna be funky 🙃).

Travel posts and boosts will likely resume at that point (mid-May) but if someone is interested in the rest of the story, follow the hashtag or Lumi's account! :BlueMerle:

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