Last week at the conference our friends over at the VMWare Wasm Labs (🌐 presented about bringing interpreted languages to — such as , , , and more, soon even comparably obscure languages like !).

Okay that was quite enough hashtags for now, but if your first thought was “…but why?!”, that's an easy answer: you want to meet your users where they are! What's better, telling your future users off with "sorry you will need to learn Rust/JavaScript/whatever first", or telling them "You know Python? Great, we support Python!"?

On the other hand, if your first thought was “okay... but how??” boy have I got a blogpost for you! Here we talk about how we use the Wasm Labs team's work in our extension engine at Suborbital:

@flaki I would certainly be very interested in #tcl support on #wasm , can you point me to any more detail on this?
#tcltk #webassembly

@CGM it's one of the potential future runtimes the team has been investigating adding support for. They are actively looking for users and usecases, so I'd recommend contacting them or dropping an issue on the project repo with your usecase!

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